The 'Thank You' Wall

Here you'll see the impact accessibleGO is making for travelers who have disabilities!

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"It's so great to know there is another resource available to those differently-abled! 

We used accessibleGO for our last trip for medical appointments and were pleasantly surprised to not only get a great deal on an accessible room, but also to have the great customer service from accessibleGO to call the day after we booked and alleviate our concerns regarding our service dog. 

We have and will continue to recommend accessibleGO, thank you!"

Copp Family

"Greetings from Norway! I have to say it was  incredibly exciting booking on accessibleGO. The sweetest part were the hotel discount deals. It was also comforting to know you guys have a keen understanding of the needs of a disabled traveler like myself."


"I love booking hotels online on accessibleGO! Especially how I get an email from your staff soon after telling me that you've confirmed with the hotel that I will have my request for an accessible room."


"My experience with accessibleGO was great. I not only saved money but I appreciated their staff calling to confirm my accessible room with the hotel. I will be using accessibleGO again when I need to book a room."


"Booking our hotel on accessibleGO couldn't have been easier or more convenient. The accessibility information that I needed was all there! I felt like you were virtually holding my hand. We can't wait for our stay!"


"This is wonderful and I will use your travel advice for future trips."



"Thank you for letting me know about others who are in wheelchairs and the places they travel."


"Thank you so much for helping me with my hotel booking. This was my first reservation with using accessibleGO. I really appreciate you reaching out to the hotel for me about the accessible room. I was not even sure if this property had them because we couldn't find rooms on their website. 

 Your staff are truly angels for helping me out with my trip.  accessibleGO has taken a great stress off my back about staying away from home. Sending you and everyone a huge thank you."


"I love booking hotels online on accessibleGO! Especially the email confirmation."


"You have helped us before and we loved our stay and your help."


"I'm very happy I found your travel service, I will definitely use it again for all my future trips."

Susan A.

"This new travel forum is awesome - thank you so much!"


"Thank you! I had no idea this resource existed and I'm so grateful."


"We have used this service! The site is really user friendly and has great discounts. Our accessible room had all the necessary amenities and ample room for a wheelchair."


"Thank you SO MUCH for going way above and beyond for me!  This trip is a very big deal because it is our daughters first ever fashion show as a professional fashion designer. So, it means so much more to me that you helped make sure that my hotel stay goes as seamlessly as possible (pun intended, lol). I will definitely be booking EVERY future trip through you!"


"This works, I've used this service!"


"I love this site! It is a dream come true. I will spread the word to every person I know.  accessibleGO is the best thing anyone can hope for."


"I just want y’all to know that I’m very pleased with the service I’ve received!!! Y’all are Awesome Sauce!!! My little one and I had a great time at our hotel everything was great no problems very well equipped she’s Autistic and she was so relaxed they gave us a whirlpool in our Room, Sweeet! She loved it THANKS TO ALL OF YALL! 5 stars in my book."


"Becoming a member of accessibleGO has really eased worrying if we'll get an accessible room."


"Thank you so much. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you are here to help."


"This is so awesome!! Working with as many kids and adults with [disabilities] as I have, I can tell you this is much appreciated!"


OMG, love accessibleGO for getting my needs met for my upcoming trip!!! Love the email response showing all the people involved at the hotel. Can't wait to go😁😁 will forever use accessibleGO for all my trips, thank you sooo much!!!


"I want to thank you for providing such a valuable service to people who have disabilities. Can’t wait to give my reviews for others to read."


"I really appreciate your assistance and attentiveness. This is such a lovely service."


"Please note! This is a miracle!"


"I look forward to writing many reviews about my traveling experiences!"


"I have heard amazing things about accessibleGO from clients I've worked with who have used their services."


"Thank you for the hard work that you do."


"I am an electric wheelchair user from London. accessibleGO is a perfect portal for disabled people to book their holidays and trips. I spend endless hours trying to find attractions, itineraries, caregivers, transportation and equipment rental in a city and hence love the fact that accessibleGO has incorporated all this into one website."


"I believe this has been one of the most helpful online groups to me as a paraplegic. I truly have not felt this level of acceptance since being released from rehab after my accident."


"It's nice to know that we can vacation and know where to rent what we need."


"Sometimes it’s not the cost so much as making sure your needs are met when you get to where you’re going. This is my go-to site for travel."


"Thank you for the article. Learned something new, the van equipped with the side ramp for example."


"I'm so happy with your help on people with disabilities because my mom and dad have disabilities and are in wheelchairs. Everyone deserves a sweet vacation."


"Thank you for this service. It is such a blessing for all who have disabilities and mobility issues."


"This is an AMAZING site and service, THANK YOU!"


"I love that there is a place to share experiences with others in similar circumstances."


"Booking through accessibleGO meant my unique needs were represented perfectly with the hotel I was booking with."


"I booked my first room with accessibleGO last night and woke up to an email from Ofzerna confirming the accommodations for my bleach and chlorine allergy. I was surprised that accessibleGO really does follow up so quickly and politely. I will definitely use this site for every trip in the future."


"How wonderful that this service exists! And great discount on the room."


"I would like to Thank you for letting me join your group. I have Lupus and Angliossisspondalites. I Love nature and one of my hobbies is taking photos. I enjoy the outdoors and seeing new sights. So again Thank you so very much for allowing me to join your group."

Denise Rappold

"I am a caregiver and author of the book Redefining Caregiving, and I appreciate accessibleGO. Keep doing a wonderful job of helping people live fulfilling and active lives!"


"I really appreciate your checking with the hotel about the recliner and the roll-in shower. I have a better idea about what to expect when I get there and can better assist my wife. This service makes traveling much less stressful."


"The ease of booking and acquiring the hotel at such a phenomenal price was a huge relief. I often travel to and fro for medical reasons and it can be costly. What a blessing to have accessibleGO there to HELP and the gracious professionalism they have on following up on your reservation is OUTSTANDING!!!"


"This hotel deals program is amazing!"


"Thank you so much for much needed app to assist us in finding good hotels with reasonable prices for those of us with disabilities. You have made planning and going on vacations more fun. I no longer feel like a second class person. Thank you again so much."


"Traveled to New Orleans in 2019, used and had a great time. We enjoyed everything."

accessibleGO Traveler

"I’ve been looking for a website like this for so long! You have surpassed my expectations 👩🏼‍🦼"

"I plan my own wheelchair accessible trips and the site has made that job so much easier. Thank you so much!"


accessibleGO Traveler

"Awesome unexpected resource. I was so pleasantly surprised to see how really helpful the site was for helping us research and find accommodations for our trip. Also really appreciated the nice touch of confirming everything in the room was in order for our reservation."


"What a wonderful resource to stumble across online"


"Thank you for this opportunity to join AccessibleGo and look forward to the savings and assistance from this group. I am excited to start. New journey and discover the opportunities that lay before me and my wife and family. Thank you so much. Blessings! 🙌"


"Thank you for checking into the reservations and changing them so they are accessible. Quality Inn, Kearney NE is the first hotel that is completely accessible! What a pleasure to have it all wheelchair height! I am so pleased with accessibleGO. What a difference not to call each hotel!"


"This is a fantastic service- thank you!"


"I am so glad I found this service. Sometimes the hardest part of booking travel is finding the information to know if the hotel will work with my needs."


"Thank you so much for your help. Using you goods will help my quality of life greatly! Looking forward to many trips to come!"


"Thank you for making this trip so worry free."


"This is the first time I used accessibleGO is amazing and made sure that my reservations and accommodations were correct! Thank you for all that you did to help me!"

"Thank you for the service you provide to the community. I join today, and I have found out so much information already. I look forward to gaining helpful knowledge that allow my family and me to travel the world safely."



"I am so grateful for They makes me aware of places I’ve not even thought of about going to that available for my disability. Thank you everyone for you helpful advice and just being here for us all."


"Thank you accessibleGO for caring about my mother's comfort when traveling. The world would be a better place if people extended half the empathy and consideration that you have for us. You rock."


"Just a note to let you know that with your help my traveling experience is less stressful."


"Life Saver!! When confirming my reservation, my room was moved to the ground floor. The hotel lost power the first night for 10 hours. If not for accessibleGO, I would’ve been stranded with no way to get help. Thank you!!"


"I recently stayed at the first hotel I booked through accessibleGO. All of my requests were confirmed in advance with the front desk by the aG Team. Everything went very smoothly, and I was completely pleased! So I have made two more bookings through accessibleGO and the aG Team has been communicating with the hotels for me. It's great to have this help! Thank you."

"Thank you so much for helping take the stress out of traveling with a wheelchair!"


Mary Beth

"I found out about this service on a disability group page and am so glad I did! I've been traveling every couple of months for medical treatment and always struggle finding ACTUAL wheelchair accessible rooms. It seems the listings are never accurate. I'm glad that after making my booking through AccessibleGO, they confirmed the reservation and made sure we would get an actual accessible room. It's so nice to have this service, as they were able to resolve an issue before it actual became an issue! Thank you!"


"I just discovered accessibleGO recently. What I really appreciated is the follow up from your staff to call the booked hotels to make sure my special needs were able to be met. Thank you for great service!I just discovered accessibleGO recently. What I really appreciated is the follow up from your staff to call the booked hotels to make sure my special needs were able to be met. Thank you for great service!"


"Thank you so much for all your help in getting our reservation changed due to the blizzard. We were able to stay at the hotel the next night and that was a huge relief. We will continue to use accessibleGO for future bookings. Thanks again for all your help!"


"You guys are so awesome. I appreciate good customer service!"


"Thank you! This is 1st time using this service. I quickly received an email back that my requests were checked with hotel. It wasn’t a guarantee we’d get the room we needed but I felt somebody had my back for once. I will definitely use again."


Thank the accessibleGO Team & Community